Open Data in Government and ECM

The purpose of Open Data in government is ensure accountablity but also the free reuse and dessimination of information. The unique and innnovative ways of use are when mutliple information types are brought together: such as documents, data sets and GIS data.

Machine accessible information then provides software the ability to again abstract open data and records through software tools such as visualization tools or business analytics. With the ability to access unstructured open inforamtion such as policy documents and offical correspondence additional data sets can be created by use of natural languge processing to extract meaning and relativity to further enhance information from one department or by converging information from multiple government departments.

So as I start to investigate this interesting topic since governments around the world are starting to address Open Data in a more responsible and more importantly in more innovative ways and means for citizens or other governments to use Open Data.

My initial thoughts is that a major focus is needed on governance, process and policies so that information can be made accurate, accessible and more important authenticate — the trust factor.

Any thoughts on this are welcome

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