Dragnet past and future

When driving home at nights I have found that Spotify can stream old time radio shows into my car.  As I gleefully tapped on one of the first episodes of Dragnet; broadcast in 1949.  I was surprised and amused to hear Sergeant Joe Friday discuss putting his suspect’s profile and MO into “the IBM machine” and amazed at what the punch card interface would tell him !  Back then IBM had been helping law enforcement analyze profiles of one suspect against large data sets to better their investigation.

I now look at todays world with the volume of data and the various formats it comes in and how IBM is still providing the abilities of modern day Joe Friday’s to do their job better.  Obviously I cannot discuss or illustrate some really cool examples of what IBM is doing but suffice it to say that the innovation IBM did in the 40s all the way up today; has allows been to answer specific questions for clients in the most meaningful way.

We see technology helping law enforcement in many ways.  Prediciting “hot” spots in cities so that Police can better manage their force and community policing practices.  Using advanced analytics for gang behaviours etc.  The list goes on and on.

I was in a meeting this morning where again IBM can take pride in the sheer number of mathematicians and researchers that constantly are striving to answer hard questions and to engage with customers in a constructive way.  

Just wanted to share a little observation of what a companies longevity and perspective can give.

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