Pomodoro and Productivity Tools – Why not more integration

I have taken a short break from building my AI Bot due to work.  Sometimes priorities take over.  Which led me to wanting to make a quick note.

 I have been using many productivity tools over the years: currently I use OmniFocus more than others.  I have tried Things 3, Todoist and other apps.  All very good and do things somewhat differently.

I am also waiting to see what happens with OmniFocus 3 this year.

I have also tried many Pomodoro technique apps on my computer or iPhone or iPad.  I love the way it helps to focus and chunk your time.

The question I have is why are the two practices not more tightly integrated.  I would hope that if I had a task in OmniFocus I was working on ( whether i allocate time slices or not to it ) that I could initiate a Pomodoro time window to work on the task.

All of the current productivity tools are lacking this integration point.  I do realize many people may not use the Pomodoro technique to do work but I would think that there is a large group of people wanting this functionality.

There have been attempts to integrate through things like Vitamin-R and other apps, but it is awkward and not tightly integrated in a seamless way.

I am still hopeful and holding back purchases until someone steps forward to do this integration of GTD and Pomodoro to allow us to be more productive in an active direct way.

AI Bot Challenge Step 2: Installing the software and getting things up and running

So I have been installing software and installing packages onto the Raspberry and completing some of the build of the TJBot.  I do have to be honest and say i ran into some fundamental issues with installing software and getting wi-fi connectivity.  But I think I am past that now.  I now have run some scripts to enable the TJBot to connect to the the Watson AI Services.  

I have to choose which type of robot I want “Scottie Bottie” to be.  Yes I am going with my heritage roots and going for a brave hearted theme of a robot.

IMG 0192IMG 0242

AI BOT Challenge Step 1: Opening the box on Robbie Burns Day !

It seems a bit appropriate that my IBM Watson AI Bot Kit arrived on Robbie Burns day.  The creative anticipation of a project loom; and I get to salute one of Scotlands Bards and “rhymesters” in the same evening !

IMG 0180

Looking forward to all the fun I am supposed to have learning  to code with SparkFun !

So the box arrived and I have opened and gazed in wonder at what is ahead on my journey into AI and programming.  I am excited and concerned.  All the parts are there I assume.  And like when I had a balsam plane kit to build and fly: I am concerned that there is no instruction manual !


IMG 0181

Never to fear.  I have been working with Public Sector organizations over the past few years on what cognitive computing is and how it will help programs and individuals so I should have some semblance of where to start.  

Now delving into the bowels of machine learning and coding I go.  I will also note that there is a small competition on going with my work colleagues on my new team; the IBM Watson Data and AI group.  So I had better decide on a personality for my bot: mmm should it be Canadian or Scottish…..I will have to decide.

So it is off to the web and the single malt I go !  Slainte !


As we all enter a new year we all have expectations and potentially resolutions that give us all a purpose and focus. With that I am very excited by the new opportunity to work with clients by combining the two areas of technology I have been involved with over the years as well as cognitive computing; which I have been involved with over the past few years. I am really looking forward to this year to be able to align both the strategic direction of clients as they rationalize data and data management as well as taking advantage of the API economy of cognitive capabilities.

I have also entered into a challenge with my colleagues in the realm of AI Robot building and therefore leveraging both APIs and data layers. I am currently waiting for the kit to arrive and will walk you all through the process of building and developing an AI driven robot. Let the games begin !




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