Local Governments

I have been doing a lot of discussing and analyzing of local governments. With austerity and economic stimulus battering them to and fro in the ever changing dynamics of regional and national governments I look to how Web 2.0 and dare I say e-government projects have progressed ? It seems so-so: citizen communication is better and one can communicate more readily with the politicians (Social Media – another post ). But how are the back office capabilities doing ? Sure ERP, CRM, and HRMS do things. We actually did a business value assessment of an ERP modernization only to find that the case workers were printing screenshots of their work incase they were being audited. This showed me that they did not trust the application.

End users and line of business owners in city and municipal governments need better means to get their jobs done. Government workers at their desks have ” cheat sheets” these illustrate how to actually get work done. How to bypass broken processes and inconsistent policies. Take that as your flag in the sand and work from there. Still today most IT projects play lip service to end users.

That is why I am having discussions with cities and municipalities on a strategic approach around dynamic case management or advanced case management It’s a strategy and an approach to more tightly align people, process, and policy for more effective government administrative services. Stay tuned for examples

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