Lions and Tigers and CAM: Oh My !

With the excitement of the 3rd Platform (Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data) everyone is always discussing about where the information will be kept and managed and how the information will be accessed and analyzed. All-important aspects of innovating and developing Systems of Engagements vs. Systems of Record are hotly being argued. People also talk about the “Appification” of the enterprise where due to mobile smart phones there is an expectation that there should be an app for that at work. The reality is that IT is challenged to fulfill the expectations of an ever-increasing group of users and lines of business. It appears as though line of business is taking a front seat to new projects and how they get rolled out.

All of these discussions can be overwhelming and seemingly complex when one gets to developing enterprise class systems. The need to support mobile and big data as well as work in a cloud setting (on prem, off prem, hybrid) is skewing how line of business and IT work. Since even with 3rd platform issues bearing down on us; the bottom line is that still today with all these choices in front of us; 80% of the information is still unstructured. Forms, Documents, Images, Voice Mail, Contracts, e-mail etc.: all of this has to be managed and governed within the realms of the increased expectations of the new technologies. That governance reality does not go away. If a government worker is capturing an image for work or a food inspector is out in the field with a mobile device; ALL interactions must be considered a record and be managed accordingly.

In today’s technological milieu of choices; management and governance of unstructured information becomes even more important. So, given all the challenges and new wonderful technologies to choose from; what is a smart business leader or technology leader to do ? Well let me recommend attending IBM’s Insight 2014 where your peers; and other innovators, will be together to share how information can be managed and acted upon properly on the 3rd platform.

Learn how Big Data and ECM work together. Learn how our new ECM UI Content Navigator makes managing unstructured information more straight forward with Cloud or Mobile.

I look forward to learning and sharing a lot of information this fall at Insight 2014.

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