Back to the Future

I know I have not posted in quite some time.  A few changes have occured in that my responsiblity at work as broadened to include more of the analytics offerings from IBM.  This move is exciting and has opened my eyes to the great things that governments are doing worldwide in the areas of Big Data and Analytics.

What I do see are government agencies still wrestling with Big Data.  What actually is it ? and what can I do with it ?  We are actively helping agencies see what is possible with Big Data by aligining Data Scientists with best practices so that agencies actually get to see the art of the possible.

The other observation I have made is that due to my ECM background I am sensitive to information lifecycle goverance (ILG) or compliance issues.   Some agencies when looking at Big Data just think they can throw data sets up into areas such as Hadoop and a lot of this information is unstructured still and without proper metadata managemnet these Big Data projects are putting the agency at risk for loss or improper storage of the information they are attempting to use.

I guess it comes down to fundamentals still.  Regardless of the innovative use of data etc.  The basics of information governance still rule supreme.

Stay tuned for my next post around Cyber Security and threat prediciton.

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