IBM supporting SPARK

Working with our Government clients worldwide I have seen great innovative Big Data projects.  As data volume and algorythms get more complex the need to manage those interactions have put a strain on the existing technologies.  Today IBM announced support for SPARK.  This is a very exciting announcement and I encourage you to learn more about what this means for the world of Analytics and Big Data.

To summarize the announcement IBM will be building Spark into the core of our analytics and commerce platforms.

Open sourcing our IBM SystemML machine learning technology and collaborating with Databricks to advance Spark’s machine learning capabilities.

IBM will be offering Spark as a service on IBM Bluemix to enable app developers to quickly load and model data.

Opening a Spark Technology Center in San Francisco for the Data Science and Developer community to be at the center of Spark innovation, collaborating closely with AMPLab and Databricks.

Educating at least 1 million data scientists and data engineers on Spark through partnerships with AMPLab, DataCamp, MetiStream, and Big Data University MOOC

This represents a commitment of more than 3,500 researchers and developers working on Spark-related projects at more than a dozen labs worldwide.
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Watch the Livestream on at on June 15th at 7 pm PDT. There will also be a replay. 

Visit the Spark Summit Website

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