AI BOT Challenge Step 1: Opening the box on Robbie Burns Day !

It seems a bit appropriate that my IBM Watson AI Bot Kit arrived on Robbie Burns day.  The creative anticipation of a project loom; and I get to salute one of Scotlands Bards and “rhymesters” in the same evening !

IMG 0180

Looking forward to all the fun I am supposed to have learning  to code with SparkFun !

So the box arrived and I have opened and gazed in wonder at what is ahead on my journey into AI and programming.  I am excited and concerned.  All the parts are there I assume.  And like when I had a balsam plane kit to build and fly: I am concerned that there is no instruction manual !


IMG 0181

Never to fear.  I have been working with Public Sector organizations over the past few years on what cognitive computing is and how it will help programs and individuals so I should have some semblance of where to start.  

Now delving into the bowels of machine learning and coding I go.  I will also note that there is a small competition on going with my work colleagues on my new team; the IBM Watson Data and AI group.  So I had better decide on a personality for my bot: mmm should it be Canadian or Scottish…..I will have to decide.

So it is off to the web and the single malt I go !  Slainte !

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